News - Intelligent Automation In Oil & Gas

Date: February 4, 2020 - February 5, 2020

Location: Norris Conference Center, Houston, TX

NITCO Inc was recognized as a sponsor at the AIIA Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas conference among a number of other automation industry leaders transforming the oil & gas industry. The conference, with the goal of bringing digital transformation solutions to oil & gas companies, provided a platform for 48 speakers — comprised of company directors, IT specialists, and experts — to share their knowledge and experiences. Through detailed workshops and speaking engagements, speakers provided insight into how oil & gas companies can introduce more efficient operational solutions.

The AIIA conference provided the opportunity for NITCO Inc representatives to attend these insightful speaking engagements and workshops, network with oil & gas industry leaders, and spread their expertise in automation. This two-day event was a fruitful experience for all parties and will give NITCO Inc the opportunity to continue to spread its impact in the oil & gas industry further assisting companies in their digital transformations.