Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation solutions are flexible...

and able to handle complex processes without human interaction allowing employees to engage in more productive tasks. Dynamic, self-learning automation brings adaptable technology to processes throughout your organization with intelligent OCR, Natural Language Processing (NLP), advanced analytics, and other AI technologies. Intelligent automation elevates automated solution capabilities to make intelligent decisions giving processes the cognitive flexibility for end-to-end process management. Empower users with cognitive document augmentation (CDA) and other intelligent automation solutions to boost productivity, reduce labor costs, and improve business process speeds.

Cognitive Assistants

IPA Integration

Intelligent Process Automation is not just about changing the way that processes are performed; it is also about changing the way that end-users can interact with their work. Just as the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Understanding specifically, are opening up the door to intelligent Document Understanding solutions, chatbot technology too, is reinventing the UI/UX space by giving robots the ability to understand and respond to user input in real-time.

Increase Productivity

Chatbot AI is already having a transformative impact in many departments including Customer Service, Human Resources, and Marketing. End-users in these areas prefer to request and interact with services in an easy to understand, easy to access conversational manner. Introducing a human element means paying a large convenience penalty, even on a social level, compared with the ease of clicking a button.

Empowering Users

Effective Conversational User Interface solutions bridge the gap between reassurance and independence. As human beings, we come naturally equipped with powerful facilities to interface and problem solve, so it can be disarming to abandon these to interact with digital services to achieve our end goal. It can be helpful to be independent, to find information quickly and conveniently with only a little guidance from a friendly chatbot. What virtual assistance really aims for is "Assisted Self-Assistance", and it is really about empowering users with the familiar, to accomplish the unfamiliar.

It's a User too.

When combining the power of RPA, a chatbot's implications are enormous. RPA solutions can act as a catalog of processes performed using the same systems and keyboard operations as a human operator. While a chatbot can help manage, schedule, and even guide users to perform the tasks necessary to achieve their goals for the human.

Document Understanding

Powerful Document Processing

Document Understanding is an immensely powerful new tool to incorporate unstructured data into your data-driven workflows.

Estimates identify the volume of unstructured data as high as 90% of all data generated by businesses, including:

  • Paper-based and handwritten documents like invoices and receipts.
  • A wealth of "Natural Language" communications like email and social media.
  • Forms with multiple formats such as legal-contracts.
  • ... And these are just a few of the most common use cases.

Document Understanding is the perfect means for capturing the data that companies need to execute repetitive, time-consuming tasks to allow employees to enjoy more meaningful work.

Intelligent Integration

Document Understanding is especially powerful when used in conjunction with downstream integrations like ERP systems, RPA, intelligent analytics, and chatbots, to name a few. The primary goal of Document Understanding is to push a greater volume of data into active use to improve your business, but NITCO Inc. has the necessary breadth of experience to fluently comprehend where Document Understanding solutions will fit into the bigger picture. We provide a richer and more holistic view of where Document Understanding can enhance your existing systems.

Machine Learning

By adding Machine Learning and effective, pragmatic Artificial Intelligence techniques into an already successful formula, Intelligent RPA can expand the effective range of data and processes that traditional RPA solutions can operate upon. One of the most powerful of these by far is in the field of Document Understanding.

Cognitive Automation

Some technology can now intelligently classify documents according to their contents and even recognize meaning which is called semantics. From this, the data can extract the correct information for entering and auditing invoices, receipts, emails, contracts, agreements, and a variety of other forms which may not have a fixed format or structure.

Constantly Improving

With constantly improving AI technology, the value provided by the solution is enhanced over time. Robots can construct pipelines for processing documents and can even "close the loop" by incorporating human feedback to continuously improve accuracy.

Our Approach


Develop operations and technology strategy recommendations to enable overall organizational goals.


Assess organization processes and applications to prioritize suitable process initiatives to gain maximum value.


Partner our technical and functional skills and experience with your organizational knowledge to implement the best automated process solutions for your needs.

Managed Services

Provide managed services for clients’ Applications/Business processes and own maintenance.

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