Chatbot Solutions

Connect Your Organization Instantly and Easily...

...with robotic assistance through chatbots. Our teams can provide a fully personalized chatbot based on your business needs and integrate with existing security standards to protect all transferred information. Whether to connect with customers or provide information to employees, our teams of experts design chatbots that provide valuable digital assistance for any industry or organization and help alleviate your employee workload. Effective uses of chatbots in everyday business include:

  • Customer service
  • Incident alerts
  • Inventory management
  • Database searches
  • Sales & Marketing promotion

Your Benefits

Intelligent Responses

Using machine learning, AI, and NLP technology our talented teams develop dynamic solutions that intelligently interact with humans. Our solutions provide quick, accurate responses satisfying both employee and customer needs.

Increased Support

Chatbot solutions offer increased availability of support for both internal employee users and customers of your business. Offering a 24/7 solution to your organization’s support team helps reduce human employee workloads and provides a consistently available representative to attend to incoming requests.

Adaptive Insights

Through data analytics, the solutions we offer improve over time and provide further value to your organization. Analysis of captured chatbot user data can help identify improvement opportunities to further benefit your organization. The cognitive chatbot solution can be used to track patterns and provide insight into the thoughts and actions of consumers and other users.

AI Chatbot Proficiencies

Flexible Intelligence

We develop your chatbot with cognitive technologies to give the solution the ability to adapt to changing business environments. Active learning offers continuous improvement and provides the chatbot the ability to better understand user input over time.

Secure Assistance

Our chatbot solutions maintain the security standards established within your business and ensure all data transferred is secure across your organization. We can integrate our chatbots with your security protocols to ensure your data stays secure and out of the wrong hands.


Utilizing analytics, our chatbot solutions constantly refine and reinforce the capabilities offered. By measuring performance and optimizing response times and accuracy, we ensure business needs are fulfilled at all times. Adjusting to changing needs, business requirements, and policies gives adaptability to the solutions in any business environment.


Enhance your chatbot solutions with automation technologies to improve the value provided and revolutionize your organization. Using RPA technology, your organization can reduce the burden on customer service, internal processes, and individual employees. By automating tasks, you introduce the ability to quickly resolve customer issues, handle repetitive employee tasks, and improve the overall business functions across your organization.

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Can I connect my chatbot to my RPA process?

Yes, we can automate processes that run by your commands. Combining RPA and chatbots allows limitless capabilities for business operation.

Can NITCO connect chatbots to Alexa?

Yes, we can connect Alexa to any part of your business database, RPA processes, or API(s) while completing tasks like sending emails or running bash scripts.

Will my company's chatbot be able to complete tasks independently?

Yes, we can create an API that executes your company's task. We can also create a RPA process to complete your task.

Can I connect my chatbot to my current OAuth

We can connect a chatbot to any OAuth API to protect your data from the same centralized rules.

Our Approach


Develop operations and technology strategy recommendations to enable overall organizational goals.


Assess organization processes and applications to prioritize suitable process initiatives to gain maximum value.


Partner our technical and functional skills and experience with your organizational knowledge to implement the best automated process solutions for your needs.

Managed Services

Provide managed services for clients’ Applications/Business processes and own maintenance.

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