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  • Hyperautomate MS IT Infrastructure

    There are never enough hours in the day for the IT team to complete all of the boring, error-prone day-to-day work. Take a much-deserved break and learn how automation can help the IT professionals in supporting your Microsoft Infrastructure, This will free your time to enjoy the meaningful part of your job.

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  • Attended Automation eBook

    You have a real buddy at work when you have an Attended Robot. Robots can help alleviate the burden of tedious, repetitive tasks with accuracy and ease. By your side, they serve as a trusted teammate to support and inform your most important projects. You've got the smarts and judgment, let your personal Robot do the work for you.

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  • UiPath Document Understanding

    Remember when mom and dad read books to you when you were growing up? Imagine how much fun you can have with UiPath Document Understanding to teach your Robots to read and understand contracts, invoices, and onboarding papers automatically—increasing your work productivity and reducing the risk of human error.

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  • Nursing Healthcare Back to Health

    Florence Nightingale knew a thing or two about nursing and would be so proud of you for spending your time caring for your patients and letting the Robots handle the repetitive, manual tasks. Learn how RPA helped healthcare during the crisis.

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  • Best Practices for Scaling Up Automation

    You always want to be your best, so here are the top 10 recommendations of best practices to optimize and grow your automated processes to save money and identify possible new revenue streams.

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  • Automate Banking Compliance and Scale Innovation

    It's not like grandma used to do her banking. Automation helps banks meet modern challenges with grace. In this Automate Banking Compliance and Scale Innovation white paper, you’ll gain detailed insight into how financial enterprises can use automation to manage key institutional tasks associated with compliance, including control testing, streamlined mortgage remediation, improved customer onboarding, and more.

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  • A Robot For Every Person

    Digital transformation is essential for companies that want to remain competitive in an unpredictable business landscape, yet few companies have the ability to lead such change effectively. Download the whitepaper and learn how to lead change in your organization.

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  • Continuous Automation, Continuous Testing

    If you’re having problems scaling RPA, it just might be the process you’re using. Unfortunately, as you take on a greater number of more complex RPA projects, problems start to surface with a waterfall approach.

    • Lack of a consistent process creates bottlenecks and staff underutilization.
    • If requirements change or issues are found after you’ve started building, your deadlines may suffer.
    • Insufficient testing leads to failures and higher maintenance rates

    That’s why more successful, scaled automation programs use a different approach they’ve adopted from modern soware development. It’s called “continuous automation development.”

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  • How End-To-End Automation Enables Business Transformation

    A successful automation starts with process analytics and planning and continues over the entire business transformation. This holistic approach to automation project into a program, that’s aligned with strategic business goals. Creating an end-to-end automation program lets your enterprise gain resilience, timely adapt to changing market needs, and constantly improve its own processes. This whitepaper covers the essential components of a fully automated enterprise and how an organization can implement the technology to continuously improve its performance.

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