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Public Sector Provider for Digital Automation Software and Professional Services

Improve Citizen and Employee Satisfaction

NITCO’s goal as a trusted public sector partner is to help find and support our clients to improve citizen and employee satisfaction with innovative, emerging technology solutions. Our incredibly talented team is certified in multiple digital automation technologies by our technology partners like Boomi,, and UiPath.

We do this by:

  • Guaranteeing the quality of our services
  • Earning your trust
  • Partnering with you for your success
  • Providing a secure solution and services

Key Benefits of Digital Process Automation

    Organizational Service Strategy

  • Digital automation overcomes the burden of manual processes, which in turn, provide better employee and citizen experiences.
  • From cost savings and reducing data entry error to satisfying mandatory compliance requirements, many business processes can be automated.

  • Workforce Changes

  • The pandemic implemented the global lockdown, which forced all workforces to continue remote working. In such a scenario, RPA or other automation solutions allowed organizations to remain operational.
  • Conversational AI and RPA can handle periods of seasonal demand for services like tax processing or handling questions about elections.

  • Organizational Survival

  • From McKinsey & Company to Harvard Business Review to Deloitte to Forrester Research and others, reports show automation as the key to short-term survival and long-term success in the new future of work. These experts point to the pandemic as a key factor in accelerated digital transformation, with automation as the technology at the center of it all.

Why you Should Partner with NITCO Inc.

Our services are available to our clients in the US during regular business hours, Central Time Zone. We offer development and support and maintenance services using either all US-based resources or a hybrid resource model, which combines NITCO skilled resources from our India office along with management, technical, and functional oversight from our corporate office in Katy, Texas. This approach offers the flexibility of support coverage, choice of client preference, and business compliance requirements while maintaining our exacting standards for quality control and clear communication. We offer highly qualified and experienced resources in artificial intelligence, chatbots, robotic process automation, cloud integrations, and other emerging technologies. We partner as a reseller or service provider with leading software companies in these areas to provide complete solutions when possible or customize solutions for the specific client needs. Our experience and certifications with these companies allows us to implement their software efficiently and enable the functionality or integrations required based upon their software more quickly due to our in-depth technical knowledge.

    NITCO’s Digital Process Automation Solutions

    Nitco is a reseller for

    • Intelligent Automation including Chatbots, Conversational AI and Intelligent Document Processing
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) including Implementation, Process Assessments, ROI Analysis, Training, Design and Development
    • Middleware Integrations including Implementation, Training, Design and Development

    NITCO’s Digital Process Automation Services

    NITCO is a certified service partner for:

    • Integration Managed Services
    • RPA as a Service (RPAaaS)
    • RPA Managed Services
    • Technical Staff Augmentation

NITCO’s Public Sector Contracts

  • State of Texas DIR Cooperative Contract #DIR-CPO-4725
  • State of Oklahoma IT Staff Augmentation #SW1025NC
  • TIPS-USA Technology Solutions Products and Services #230105
  • State of Oklahoma DBITs Contract #SW1050NIT

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