Technology Integration Managed Support Services

Managed Services Provider for Support and Maintenance of Technology Integrations

Technology Integration Managed Services Can Reduce IT Workload for Support and Maintenance

Technology integration solutions like Boomi, Jitterbit, and IBM Cloud Pak or Sterling offer amazing application, data, B2B/electronic data interchange (EDI) integration, API management, and master data management (MDM). You will want the skills and expertise of our talented NITCO resources to maximize the ROI on these enterprise integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) offer low code/no-code solutions.

We help many clients in multiple industries to get up and running with their integrations faster in weeks rather than months because this is a core of our service offerings. We have also partnered with the best of breed technology integration solutions.

We get it! We have partnered with the Gartner recognized best-of-breed technology integration solutions. Outsourcing your technology integration support and maintenance to NITCO Inc. can be a great way to reduce your IT department’s workload demands.

Why Your Organization Needs Technology Integration Managed Services?

Your IT staff already have a lot of work on their plates. They are responsible for managing the overall information infrastructure of the business while also being tasked with planning for and scaling the organization's future growth and leveraging the IT function as a core competency. Routine support and maintenance of automated processes is not a great use of your valuable resources' time. That is where we come in with the expertise and experience to support you and your organization

At NITCO, we believe keeping your Technology Integrations running smoothly, efficiently, and reliably is our job. You can engage your IT team in other strategic initiatives. NITCO’s Technology Integration managed IT services can provide:

  • Proactive monitoring of Technology Integration platform and scheduled processes
  • Comply with defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Business hours only or 24/7/365 customer support
  • Optimization of integration processes
  • Consistent and transparent issue tracking
  • Scalable pricing
  • Enhancement/development for existing integrations

What is Technology Integration Managed Services?

NITCO’s Technology Integration Managed Services represent a suite of service offerings available to manage and maintain your Technology Integration platform and processes. These include:

Monitoring integration processes for errors, exceptions, and availability

Providing a support and maintenance dashboard

Reporting issues and tracking the progress of issue resolution

Working collaboratively to scale up the use of integration processes

On-Prem and Technology Integration Cloud Automation Support and Maintenance

NITCO’s experienced teams can provide Technology Integration managed support and maintenance for both on-prem and cloud-implemented solutions.


In an on-prem environment, your company hosts its Technology Integration applications on its hardware, and NITCO can provide support via VPN access to your company’s network.


With your cloud platform, your company hosts Technology Integration applications on the public or private cloud servers. NITCO manages the processes with the appropriate security access.

Why Choose NITCO for Technology Integration Managed Services?

Selecting NITCO as your Technology Integration managed services partner allows you to delegate the day-to-day support and maintenance of your Technology Integration solution, so your IT teams can focus on more important work. As an established Technology Integration vendor, NITCO offers more reliability and availability than most companies find they can attain managing their Technology Integration platforms and processes on their own. Our consistent and customer-focused approach to issue tracking and resolution means your end users can count on the 24x7 availability of integration processes they need to complete the business transactions with your organization

How Our Technology Integration Support and Maintenance Services Work?

NITCO’s support and maintenance services are clearly outlined in our Statements of Work (SOWs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). You know exactly what you are getting for your investment and have the information you need to ensure you’re getting the level of service and support you deserve. Our NITCO Inc Technology Integration Support and Maintenance services fall into four key areas:

Production Technology Integration Maintenance/Lights-On Incident Support

We monitor and respond to incidents, correct errors and work with you to improve performance and reliability—adding, changing or removing functionality as necessary to support your applications.

Technology Integration Maintenance / Production Support

We provide ongoing operation of your supported applications for both cyclical and non-cyclical activities.

Technology Integration Maintenance Patches (on-premise only)

We’ll apply patches to maintain system stability and fix issues when not in conflict with our support service or service level agreements.

Technology Integration Enhancement Services: Enhancements/Process Development

We modify automated process to respond to changing or new business requirements.

Each client’s need is unique, so we work with you upfront to identify how we can best support you for the short and long term. After discussing your specific needs, NITCO will work with your staff to outline the requirements of our engagement in an SOW that documents:

  • The specific services you’ll receive
  • Who’s responsible for what—and when
  • Expected Deliverables
  • Monthly support and maintenance costs

That’s the starting point, of course. NITCO understands that your needs may change as you grow and as the you scale up your automation practice. Our change process is flexible and agile enough to support your evolving needs.

Choose From Standard and Premium Managed Support Service Plans


24/7/365 days

  • Account Dashboard / Process Reporting
  • Periodic Client Status Meetings
  • Production Maintenance / Lights-On Incident Support
  • Production Maintenence / Support
  • Maintenance Patches (on-prem)
  • Enhancement / Process Development (includes 20 hours / month)
  • Hyper-Care (10 days complimentary each new integration/enhancement)


US Office Hours, 8a-5p CST, No Holidays

  • Account Dashboard / Process Reporting
  • Periodic Client Status Meetings
  • Production Maintenance / Lights-On Incident Support
  • Production Maintenence / Support
  • Maintenance Patches (on-prem)
  • Enhancement / Process Development (add on)
  • Hyper-Care (10 days complimentary each new integration/enhancement)

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NITCO is an industry leader with years of experience assisting companies large and small with their Technology Integration managed support and maintenance needs. Contact us today to discuss your Technology Integration management needs and to receive a complimentary assessment.

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