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  • AppZen Mastermind Finance AI Virtual Summit

    NITCO invites you to be our guest to the 2021 AppZen Mastermind Virtual Finance AI Summit.

    NITCO is pleased to Sponsor with our Partner for the AppZen Mastermind Finance AI Virtual Summit The AppZen Mastermind 2021, is a two-day virtual summit for finance professionals like you who are seeking information about digital transformation, new technologies such as AI, and how your peers are successfully using them.

    The event will dive into how digital transformation can provide modern finance teams with increased company agility, insights, and capabilities during the good times and the (current) uncertain times.

    You will leave the summit with a roadmap to ‘the new finance stack’ and be inspired to take on new technologies that improve your role and transform your organization and departments.

    Register now to confirm our complimentary pass to hear from keynote speakers such as . . .

    • John Thompson, Chairman of the Board at Microsoft
    • Marie Myers, Chief Transformation Officer and Interim CFO at HP
    • Dave Morton, Executive Vice President, CFO at Anaplan
    • Ozan Varol, Author of How to Think Like a Rocket Scientist

    Why Attend?

    • Learn about the NEW finance tech stack
    • Experience how AI is innovating finance operations
    • Hear from industry leaders, experts, and visionaries
    • Network with your peers
    • See how AI delivers BI to your business

    Who should attend:

    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Controller
    • Audit & Compliance
    • Finance Operations
    • Finance Outsourcing
    • Accounting Procurement
    • Shared Services
    • Global Business Services
    • IT Support Services for all of the above
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  • Envisioning Your Processes of Tomorrow: Why Readiness is Key for Business Process Automation

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Identify How to Reimagine Business Processes for AI Readiness
    • Leverage Continuous Improvement Techniques to Simplify Business Process
    • Roadblocks and Risks: How Time Crunches, Assumptions, and Silos Limit Technology Deployment Success

    Key Elements:

    • Investing time: Why of Business Process Definition when Deploying Technology is Essential
    • People & Perceptions: How emerging technologies require different thinking
    • Lean Thinking and Value Management – How to identify what is essential and open up to different ways for delivering it.
    • What gets in the way: Fears, Assumptions, and Planning
    • What’s next
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  • UiPath RPA Continuous Integration and Test Suite

    Managing many Automations requires a well-controlled RPA Software Life Cycle Development and Continuous Integration. Let us deep-dive into Studio Pro, UiPath’s new Test Suite platform capabilities with RPA, Application and Mobile testing and test analysis.

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  • NITCO UiPath Academy Live! RPA102 Webinar

    NITCO UiPath Academy Live! RPA102 Webinar

    An introduction to the development tools used in an RPA implementation.

    Academy Live Objectives:

    • Introduce the UiPath Build/Manage/Run tools: Studio, Orchestrator, Robots
    • Conduct a live demo of Studio, showing the ease with which a simple automation can be built

    Intended Audience:

    • Business Analysts
    • Developers
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  • RPA101 Webinar

    NITCO UiPath Academy Live! RPA101 Webinar

    NITCO would like to invite you to a complimentary introduction to the foundation of successful RPA implementations.

    Academy Live Objectives:

    • Introduce NITCO and how we can partner with you on your digital automation journey
    • Describe the overall implementation process of a UiPath robotic process automation.
    • Identify the basic terminology of RPA.
    • Demonstrate UiPath's Automation Hub and Task Capture by conducting an automation process evaluation and creating a PDD.
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