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Automation Trends 2023 eBook

The definitive guide to where automation is headed—and how you can get the most out of it. Read on to discover how automation is moving forward like never before—and what you need to advance its value in your business.

At this point, automation should no longer be a question for your organization. As the technology improves, as adoption increases, automation doesn’t just change the way people work—it changes the very work you’re capable of doing. Entirely new use cases, opportunities, and revenue streams are now at hand like never before. The real question at this point, then, is how to move forward and take full advantage.

As an industry leader, UiPath has unique perspective on today’s automation market, technology, and users. We’ve gathered info from our customers and partners; our global product, sales, and marketing teams; and first- and third-party research—and distilled our insights into 7 key trends shaping automation today and tomorrow.

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