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Scaling Robotic Process Automation

Whether you are beginning your RPA journey or are searching for ways to make it better, this whitepaper by our partner, UiPath, may provide some practical ideas as you plan your roadmap.

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After successful limited deployments of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), many organizations struggle to define a path forward to a successful ramp-up and sustained roll out of an automation program. They face some sort of “chasm” wondering how to move forward...

NITCO Inc., enjoys a great partnership with UiPath, our Robotic Process Automation solution, and access to a wealth of case studies.

We know, that sometimes it requires some careful planning in order to translate the early, quick wins that RPA can provide into a durable, widespread and extremely productive catalyst for change throughout an organization, but that's when RPA has the power to show off its full potential.

This whitepaper answers questions like:

  • How should your company's approach to its automation evolve over time?
  • What's the most effective way to generate top-down AND bottom-up support for the program?
  • What does the "ideal preparation stage" look like?

We think you'll find the insights in this whitepaper interesting and instructive, and we sincerely hope to be your digital automation partner.

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