Case Studies - Implementing UiPath Robot to Help Major Healthcare System Achieve 100% Accuracy Rate in Vendor Reconciliation


With the medical industry growing so rapidly, the automation of manual tasks is an important strategy for performance improvement as the industry continually works to cut costs and improve efficiency.


Aiming to process weekly vendor reconciliation requests within the agreed timelines which will avoid delays in cash flow, to reduce the time spent on extracting reports from legacy and web applications and manual patient precertification requests to increased operational quality and FTE savings.


NITCO helped the customer to automate current manual processes. Assigning a UiPath robot to perform vendor reconciliation on a weekly basis, using easily defined rules, UiPath robot extracted data from PDF’s, legacy, and web applications to minimize human error and processing time.


  • 100% accuracy rate in processing
  • Increased operational quality
  • 90% FTE savings
  • Reduced cycle time & increased the cash flow