Case Studies - Streamlining Global Shipping Company Compliance Filings Through Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Transport and Logistics operations must ensure careful compliance with Customs regulations in order to avoid financial penalties and keep goods flowing smoothly. Effective compliance procedures are positively critical but can be expensive to maintain, while effective automation could reduce the cost and risk in avoiding the costly repercussions of compliance related lapses.


The client needed to automate the process of submitting Importer Security Filings (ISF) with U.S. Customs through a third-party application. The process involved collating and validating information gained from individual operators, and a few spread-out sources within an internal system, before manually inputting information into a lengthy form. This form of manually replicating information was time-consuming, repetitive and error prone, with significant challenges in reconciling information between sources.


NITCO implemented an AI-based Virtual Assistant to aid operators in submitting filings more accurately and quickly. We enabled operators to initiate filings through the MS Teams interface, and entirely automated the data-input process for the third-party system. NITCO designed and developed an intelligent solution which effectively integrated with existing systems to introduce efficiency, reliability, and enterprise-grade scalability into the problem space.


  • Conversational Interface
  • Increased compliance
  • Reduction in processing time
  • Reduction in human error
  • Fully-scalable