Case Studies - Utilizing RPA to Automate the HR Offboarding Process


Every industry has been seeking opportunities to optimize business processes to be more competitive with fewer resources for manual, tedious, and repetitive activities. The HR Offboarding process of employees and contractors is a great example how Robotic Process Automation and RPA can help.


A manufacturing customer, with an architectural design and building business division, needed to automate a manual process for the HR offboarding of contractors and employees. The focus of the automation solution was on the offboarding activities performed by IT personnel. From a high-level process, this time consuming and highly manual process included:

  • deactivating the user email account,
  • disabling the user account in the AD,
  • removing AD groups,
  • archiving the user home drive,
  • removing CRM license and groups,
  • deactivating the telecom line,
  • reassigning IT tasks for exception handling and
  • notifying HR and IT when the process was completed.


The customer IT team and NITCO worked collaboratively and began with understanding the overall process and identifying the user pain points. NITCO designed and developed an enterprise solution across all business divisions using UiPath RPA. The UiPath robot extracted data from various systems, such as Oracle ERP, internal and external Desktop applications, and Web applications to validate and process the data.


  • Eliminated backlog of over 200 offboarding contractors and employees
  • Reduced user manual input process steps from 39 to 1, a 256% process improvement
  • Reduced IT workload by 80 labor hours per month
  • 100% data entry accuracy
  • 100% Internal and external audit compliance.
  • Reduced user software licensing costs.
  • End-to-end automation of entire off-boarding processing with less than 2% Bot exception rate.