Case Studies - Leveraging UiPath and Robotic Process Automation to Help World’s Largest Food & Beverage Company Achieve Significant Productivity Gains


Over the years, the food & beverage industry has been expanding exponentially to meet the increasing consumer demands. This brings along immense pressure and complexities throughout the business processes.


The customer needed to automate a manual process that involved performing pre checks like validating fund transfers, reports validation, and uploading to SAP system or other third party applications. Creating invoices, journal entries, and quarterly performance reports for audit.


The customer and NITCO joint team worked collaboratively and began with understanding the overall process and user pain points. NITCO designed and developed the enterprise RPA solution using UiPath. The UiPath robot extracted data from various systems such as SAP and internal and external web applications to validate and process the data.


  • Significant productivity gains
  • Process handled with great efficiency
  • Reduced volume of reworking
  • Decreased manual working